• therefore art thou poster

therefore art thou

an incentive for the restoration of social civility

©2010 Lissa Barnum All rights reserved
reprinted from an article from the Billy Blue journal BBetween edition 3.

Design that provokes is not new, but it must fit into the social context of the time. In the absence of letterpress or back-street artistry, there still exists an incentive to ‘attractively’ point out our own social foibles. Therefore art thou is a community incentive that courteously asks its populi to think about human behaviour. It uses non-offensive communication to persuade individuals to reflect on the impact they have on others.

In this day and age as we appear genuinely afraid to ask kindly of others to: give up seats on public transport, watch their expletive language, or refrain from dropping cigarette buts on the ground, its imperative to re-connect on some level with social civility. Nothing political or revolutionary here. But we can ask emerging designers to employ their communication skills to courteously persuade the attention of those around them—a collective gentle cage rattling with direct implications on how we treat ourselves, and the environment we live in.